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Happy National Techie Day! We are celebrating by bringing you our first smart home technology blog post. Every month we invite you to come back here to read about what’s new in the world of smart home system integration, tips and tricks from our AV technicians, upcoming events, deals on products, and more!

CEDIA Expo 2022 came to a close this weekend and we still have stars in our eyes from all of the exciting new technology released and the vendor demos we were able to experience. We are thrilled to provide state of the art home security and surveillance, home theater systems, indoor and outdoor audio visual entertainment, and whole home system integration. And, CEDIA Expo gives us the opportunity to get creative for YOU. Here are some highlights of a few of our favorites that we will be adding to the regular inventory: App Features & AVA Remote

The new app features and their ever-evolving home intelligence technology integrated with the new AVA Remote provides a smart home system that is beyond convenient… It is intelligent, almost empathetic. And, it goes beyond convenience when considering the advantages for people with disabilities and physical or vocal limitations.

Home intelligence is the superior technology to voice control. The goal is to talk less, because your home knows and understands your preferences in relationship to the weather, location, access, and other other identifiers. You can use Josh without voice control - that’s the benefit of ai. has also integrated with AVA Remote to provide a refined and connected home experience. Whether you want to rely on artificial intelligence, speak to a remote, or use your AVA remote to simulate the remotes of a plethora of streaming services on their advanced touch screen, you will have the choice of your preferred smart home communication instead of being locked into proprietary solutions.

eero PoE Wi-Fi 6 Access Point & Gateway

eero has been a staple, fast, reliable network for mesh wireless support for our clients and now the eero PoE Wi-Fi 6 access point and PoE Gateway switch will provide up to 2,000 sq ft of coverage per device and support network speeds up to 2.3 Gbps.

Are you a big gamer? Eero supports gigabit+ speeds for more of your wifi needs—from VR/AR and 8K streaming to using the latest Wi-Fi 6E devices. Tap into the power of Wi-Fi 6E for more capacity and lower latency than Wi-Fi 6, as well as HDMI 2.1 ports and 120Hz refresh rate so that you can have superior gaming performance with the latest consoles.

All of this is a foreign language to you? All you need to know is NO INTERNET INTERRUPTIONS. Stay connected with eero… and give us a call to get wired!


Clare Smart Home Wireless Security

ClareOne wireless security systems provide custom, advanced smart home control, because no home security system is one-size-fits-all. We look forward to integrating your home and business security solutions with their enhanced safety and convenience, energy conservation, and even entertainment!

Now integrated with Sonos technology, ClareOne can provide customized audio warnings to keep you secure and safe, even during internet outages. Have a little fun with ClareOne… Can you imagine setting tripwires around your property and hearing Clint Eastwood yell “Get off my lawn!”? You don’t have to settle for typical warnings, doorbell chimes or alarms - you can customize from thousands of options with Sonos integration.

Draper@Home FlexShade® Motorized Shades

The Draper FlexShade® is the newest Draper@Home product and is the first indoor and outdoor motorized open roll product they have designed specifically for the residential market.

Their unique head box design is aesthetically pleasing and conveniently engineered, which eliminates the need to cut into the structure, which reduces installation time and on site cutting.

Another unique option with FlexShade® is high-resolution custom digital printing for an artistic addition to a room or to include your company logo and colors.

Visit Draper’s blog for more information about these cutting edge shades:

Additional Technologies & New Products of Note:
  • Stop crime before it happens with new smart security solutions by Ring featuring 3D Motion Detection and HDR video. The most advanced residential camera lineup includes the Ring Spotlight Cam Pro, Ring Always Home Cam (the world’s first flying indoor security camera), and Amazon Astro Robot with Ring Virtual Security Guard subscription service for third-party monitoring.
  • Martin Logan Masterpiece Series speakers for home theater or Hi-Fi music spaces - “The absolute biggest, boldest, most outrageous performance possible, the Masterpiece Series is the pinnacle of today's electrostatic loudspeaker design.”
  • Feel more immersed with bold bass when you pair the new Sonos Sub Mini with Beam, Ray, One, or One SL.
  • You can experience your vinyl like never before with the new Victrola Stream™ Carbon Turntable certified by the Works with Sonos program.

Go big or go home is our takeaway from CEDIA Expo 2022! Our cable technicians will be over the moon to install some of these….. So, be a little extra and add these luxurious home theater and listening experiences to your wish list:

Magna Speaker Systems

Handmade in Brazil, Magna’s products are “designed to integrate the environment where they will be installed or to become differentials when they need to be noticed.” Their speakers, made from natural rock stone with optional internal lighting effects, deliver a gorgeous aesthetic and impeccable sound differentiation.

Sway to the classics, hear every musical and instrumental detail, and be surrounded by a natural aesthetic filled with sound and mood lighting. A sexy, luxury approach to your listening experience.

Ascendo 50” Infrasonic Subwoofer

Elevate your sound with ASCENDO immersive audio…

“ASCENDO subwoofers stand for extremely fast, controlled and abyssal bass response.”

With this particular CEDIA experience, size matters! WOW! However, across the board and regardless of size, their infrasonic subwoofers provide excellent performance features including extremely low distortion, AIA Speaker Management technology, controlled and abyssal bass response, low power consumption, even frequencies, high resolution, dynamic range, and individual room correction of each active subwoofer unit.


The epic conclusion of CEDIA was by far and away the C SEED unfolding indoor and outdoor TVs. These sculptural folding screens deliver a seamless visual experience after unfolding soundlessly.

Also advertised with the Island Prestige immersive sound space by L-Acoustics Creations, this was the most luxurious audio/visual and home theater system we have seen to date. Read more about this lavish collaborative presentation here:

Overall, CEDIA 2022 was a smart home system installer’s dream. We look forward to escaping into the world of whole home integrated systems again next year… we have our eyes on you Denver!