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In a world with constant energy consumption, why not do our part to conserve energy?

Especially when we can automate it! MediaHead’s A/V technicians are skilled at ALL home technology installation – not just TVs and speaker systems. And, no one minds a decrease in their energy bill!

From one convenient communication pathway to another you can manage your motorized blinds/shades, smart thermostats, lights, air quality, and home security features with ease. The intelligence of these systems when programmed correctly by our expert MediaHeads help our homes run more conveniently and efficiently to save time and conserve energy.

How does it happen?

Based on your preferences, lifestyle, movement habits, weather reporting, and more, our TechHeads will provide customized programming through conditional settings.

What are conditional settings?

Do you wish you could tell your home, “If it is below 55 degrees outside and someone is occupying the living room, then lower the shades, turn on the fireplace, and adjust the room temperature to 72 degrees?” Well… you CAN!

Some common ways to make conditional settings possible:

  • Light detection to activate shades and lighting
  • Room occupancy sensors to coordinate commands when you are in or out of a room
  • Standby modes for electrical outlets to decrease phantom energy drain and conserve electricity when appliances are not in use
  • Temperature sensors
  • Air quality sensors
  • Smart fans (Did you know HVAC systems work more efficiently when circulating cool or warm air on a regular basis?)
  • Connectivity to local weather and air quality reports
  • Automated lights, shades, fans, door locks, windows and smart thermostats
  • “All off” electronics commands

Don’t worry… our A/V technicians will show you how user friendly your new home automation is so that you have the confidence to make adjustments wherever you are in the world.

Are you ready to prioritize your time?

The only thing we can’t purchase is time. But, you can manage your time to fully engage in your priorities when you have convenient accessibility to your home’s systems. Work SMARTER, not HARDER from your phone, computer, iPad, touch panel, voice control or remote control.

Contact MediaHead to get started!

Just to demonstrate the user-friendly devices and software we install… check out how our clients set up their own voice control through Alexa for their ecobee smart thermostat!

Next month we will have a special edition blog focused on our shades and blinds installation services. Whether motorized or manual, indoor or outdoor, MediaHead works with the best installation teams and manufacturers to retrofit any window space or provide extra protection in covered areas outside to avoid excessive heat or cold, UV rays, bugs, and strong weather elements.

In the meantime - you can do some browsing in our new online shop.

We have an array of home technology products, including smart thermostats, home security equipment, home theater equipment, portable speakers, and beyond.

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