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MediaHead blog’s new Geneva OS 5.0 app is ready to evolve with your surroundings! Why Josh instead of other voice control and voice assistant services like Amazon Alexa, Google Home or Siri? Because allows you to enjoy superior home intelligence technology with full system integration and more advanced conditional settings that take home intelligence to the next level. 

The new Geneva OS programming is designed to anticipate your intelligent home needs as it gets to know your settings, preferences, patterns, location, and more. And, is integrated with many smart home favorites like Draper motorized blinds and shades, Lutron smart lighting, Sonos and Martin Logan home theater and surround sound products, Clare One home security systems, Ecobee smart thermostats, and many more.

As always, continues to improve and advance the connected experience with one elegant interface that works by touch, text, voice, or “smart recommendations.”

So, what’s new or improved with the Geneva OS 5.0 app?

  • Functionality with creating and arranging your “scenes” has become more seamless as you continue to create conditional factors and preferences within the scenes. For example, you don’t want glare when you watch TV during the day, but you also don’t want the room to be dark. You can create a scene that tells Josh when you turn the TV on that you would like it to also lower the shades and dim the lights, but only when it is before sunset and sunny outside.
  • There are many convenient dashboard updates to improve the interface experience as well, including adapting the main screen to what is actively turned on in your home, customization items like like pinning and prioritizing frequent features, preferences, and commands, collapsing inactive rooms to easily find which rooms have active devices, and you can open up the full controller experience for your TV and operate it from your app.

As much fun as it is to tinker with new technologies and electronics, we highly recommend professional installation for when it comes to a fully integrated experience to avoid hiccups and frustration and maximize the advanced features. recently released an in-depth article weighing the pros and cons of DIY v. Professional Installation. Check it out here:

Contact us to get started with your new intelligent home through MediaHead… the integrator of things!

Speaking of integrating with your favorite electronics… let’s discuss details of some new sound options on the market from two of our favorite brands we touched on after the CEDIA conference.

REL Series HT/1508 Predator™

You won’t want to buy a movie ticket and leave the confines of your home theater with this subwoofer addition. This HT sub is designed to emphasize exceptionally high output so you can match your visual experience with your listening experience. The Predator drives powerful low-frequency output through a small, chic design compared to other 15” subwoofers on the market. We are obsessed with this large-scale home theater game changer.

Martin Logan Masterpiece™ Series

Martin Logan is accurate when they describe the Masterpiece Series as “the absolute biggest, boldest, most outrageous performance possible.”

They have integrated bass drivers into the speakers to improve the low bass and have rid of the classic ‘sweet spot’ in the room. The crossover features wrap you in a 360° sound blanket. It is a remarkable accomplishment to overcome the limitations of traditional electrostatic speakers and make the listening experience feel effortless and seamless. If you want to be the house everyone wants to have the party at, this series is for you.

As we head into the holiday season, take advantage of some seasonally sweet deals from Martin Logan and Sonos through MediaHead.

Martin Logan - 25% off Motion Series
  • Specifically for in-stock models of Motion 15i and 35XTi Bookshelf Speakers, Motion 20i, 40i, and 60XTi Floorstanding Speakers, and Motion 30i and 50XTi Center Channel Speakers
  • Valid through December 31, 2022

Sonos - Black Friday Promotion
  • 20% off select speakers: Sonos Arc ($719 - regularly $899), Sonos Beam ($359 - regularly $449, Sonos Sub ($599 - regularly $749), Sonos One ($175 - regularly $219), Sonos One SL ($159 - regularly $199)
  • Deal valid in Texas only November 20 - 28, 2022

Sonos - Cyber Monday Promotion
  • 20% off the Sonos Move ($319 - regularly $399)
  • Deal valid in Texas only November 28, 2022 (one day only)

Head to our order form now to secure your Martin Logan deal (while supplies last) and schedule an installation. Get your BIG holiday surprises planned with MediaHead.