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Sound Pitch by Mitch

Looking for an ideal surround sound setup for your home?

Mitch brings us detailed product reviews for our latest sound technology favorites. Watch the individual YouTube videos for additional information from Mitch outside of this blog summary.


MartinLogan Motion Series XT B100 Bookshelf Speakers $799.99

MartinLogan Stand25 Stands $199.99

MartinLogan Motion Series XT B100 Bookshelf speakers with optional MartinLogan Stand25 stands provide incredible sound for reasonable pricing. Built with Gen 2 Obsidian FMT XT Tweeter, Folded Motion Waveguide, and Nomex reinforced Kevlar, they are great for audiophiles or TV lovers who appreciate great sound. They can be used as 2 channel or for home theater entertainment. When paired with a great subwoofer and amplifier, the MartinLogan speakers are more affordable with nearly the same sound as some of the most expensive speakers on the market.


REL Acoustics Serie T/9x Subwoofer $1,449

To balance powerful sound for both music and home theater use, our Subwoofer recommendation is hands-down the REL Serie T/9x. This small statured subwoofer delivers as much impact as possible on a budget while not being an eyesore. It delivers a level of intimacy, clarity, speed, output, and dynamics so that you can enjoy a full range sound. They have also retained their signature Class A/B amplifiers.


NAD Electronics C 399Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier $1,999

NAD Electronics C 399 Hybrid Digital DAC Amplifier…the engine for the speakers and subwoofer. The NAD C 399 gives you excellent value and power for a very reasonable price. It’s a timeless amp that can grow with your other changing technologies over time. NAD’s Hypex HybridDigital nCore amplifier circuitry provides low distortion levels and its digital section is built around a 32-bit/384kHz ESS Sabre DAC, the same chip used in NAD’s acclaimed M10 and M33 Masters Series amplifiers. The Modular Design Construction (MDC) technology lets you add optional modules that provide functions such as BluOS multi-room music streaming and Dirac Live room correction as well.

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