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Springtime Shade Crusade!

What do you know about motorized and manual indoor and outdoor shades these days? Shade technology has transformed over time with ease of use, cost effectiveness, home automation integration, design, and of course energy efficiency.

So, what’s new?

→ Lithium Batteries Instead of D Cell Batteries

D Cell batteries run out of juice faster, are cumbersome to change out, and more expensive to replace. With lithium batteries and new technology, it’s not only easier to change them out, but they will also last 12 to 18 months and you’ll get plenty of warning on your devices to charge them for 6 to 8 hours while you sleep.

Or, catch us in the residential build phase and we can hardwire your smart window shades indoors and outdoors so that they operate without batteries and seamlessly tie in for total home automation.

→ Smart Home Automation Technology

Thanks to innovative technology advancements, most motorized shades are powered by Somfy motors and the intelligent Somfy TaHoma® technology brain to offer a seamless motorized experience that can be used easily on its own or with other home automation technologies like Google Home, Alexa, and

No worries if home automation feels intimidating… you can still operate motorized shades with a remote, a wall panel, or an app on your phone. You can match your window shade investment to your technology comfort level.

→ Beautiful Design Options

Not only are window shades easy to use and operate, but they are also a residential interior design dream. With hundreds of fabrics in a wide variety of colors, textures, and opacities, you can customize every room of your home. We’ll help you narrow down your decisions with generous-sized samples sent directly to your home so that you can experience the touch, feel, and look of the fabrics.

We’re up for any smart shade design challenge. Check out Draper’s latest angled window solution here: Gabled Bottom-Up FlexShade®. And, regardless of manual roller shades (like Draper’s Clutch-Operated FlexShade®) or smart motorized shades (like Draper’s Motorized FlexShade®), all shade options are smooth, quiet, easy to operate, low maintenance, and long-lasting window solutions.

→ Green Product & Privacy Benefits

From outdoor pergolas or partially exposed porches and sunrooms to indoor living areas, home theaters, media rooms, bedrooms and nurseries, there are many benefits to having high end residential window shades.

Outdoor light and shade controls will protect your body from harmful UV rays, reduce heat in the summer, maintain heat in the winter, protect your furniture and other outdoor features and electronics from weather elements and fading, deflect glare away from outdoor TVs, provide privacy, and protect you from Texas-sized bugs all summer long.

Indoor shade control is essential for energy efficiency, temperature control, privacy and security when you’re at home or away from the house. Sleep better knowing that the lighting and temperature in your bedroom is ideal, that the shades in your child’s nursery are child-safe technology and design, and knowing that your shades are closed on vacation by glancing at your app. Maximize the entertainment in your media room with blackout shades so that you can enjoy a movie theater atmosphere, but also raise the shades when you’re using the room for streaming music and entertaining guests.

The options and benefits are endless.

Want to see motorized shades in action?

Watch Steve & Jeff head up the Shade Crusade as they give you a demo of our motorized window shades at the MediaHead Headquarters.

With all that shade and bug protection outdoors, it’s time to step up your outdoor listening too! Not ready to drop wires and install outdoor speakers? No problem… hit up our shop for some portable, water resistant, multi-use speaker options with the Sonos Move and the Sonos Roam. With an easy transition between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, you can stream your favorites with the Move and Roam at home by the pool or on your Spring Break and Summer travels.