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Top 6 Outdoor A/V Equipment Recommendations

Happy National Backyard Day! To celebrate, we’re offering our Top 6 list from our MediaHeads of their current favorite outdoor A/V equipment choices so that you can start planning the best entertainment experience in your backyard:

Here’s recap and expansion on MediaHead’s Top 6:

1. Origin Acoustics Seasons LSB64 Bollard Loudspeakers

Origin Acoustics offers a unique design with their Seasons LSB64 Bollard Loudspeakers. They are designed for long-lasting outdoor installation. The subwoofer and wiring are all safely buried in underground conduit, for a seamless finish and rock-solid connectivity. They have anodized the aluminum enclosures, so the speakers will look great season after season. The acoustic lens design spreads sound evenly across your outdoor area, and thanks to 70v technology you can have bliss-filled audio at the furthest reaches of your property.

2. The Terrace by Samsung

You can enjoy the Samsung Neo QLED 4K experience outdoors with the Samsung Terrace. This exceptional TV is designed to withstand the elements and have a vivid picture without reflections or distractions, all year long. The Terrace is IP55 and IP56 rated to protect against dust and water. “IP” is an international standard coding system that measures how well a case or enclosure protects an electrical device.

The Terrace is also a smart TV so you can stream your favorite shows, play games, watch movies, and have instant access to your apps in just a few clicks. It is available in Partial Sun and Full Sun versions that automatically optimize for bright and vivid color, no matter how bright or overcast the weather is. They also have compatible dust covers with convenient remote control pockets for added protection.

3. MartinLogan Outdoor Living Foundation 8.1 System

The Outdoor Living Foundation 8.1 System by MartinLogan is a great option for spreading sound coverage throughout your yard while still controlling the sound direction so you don’t disturb your neighbors. The system includes 8 satellite speakers and 1 in-ground subwoofer that are all-weather tolerant. And if you call us soon, you can benefit from a promotional discount on these stealth beauties!

4. Outdoor Surface Mount Speakers & Architectural Speakers

For uncovered areas in your yard that are designed for group entertainment spaces, outdoor surface mount speakers are a great solution to fill the area with distortion-free audio at high volumes. Most options are water-impermeable and corrosion-resistant for durability against the elements. We often recommend Outdoor Speakers by Sonos & Sonance. For your covered patios and pergolas and outdoor TV entertainment spaces, we recommend moisture-resistant in-ceiling speakers for dynamic overhead sound effects and directing sound towards your seats. There are several great options from Sonos, Origin Acoustics, and MartinLogan, and most of the grills can be painted to match the aesthetic of your space.

5. Episode Radiance Combined Lighting & Audio System

A new combination audio and lighting solution has hit the market from Episode. The Radiance system has an in-ground/above-ground subwoofer to form the foundation of the sound signature, smaller 3-inch bollard-style speakers for 360-degree, full-range sound, and light module attachments that can deliver pathway, spot, yard, or wall wash light to offer ambiance and safety as you enjoy your backyard in the evenings. All pieces are sold separately so that you can pick and choose the sound and lighting pieces that are most appropriate for your space. The Episode Radiance system also provides stake, wall, surface and pendant mount options to spread your sound and light anywhere you want to.

6. Outdoor Motorized Shades & Blinds

To finish off your outdoor experience, custom shades can be raised or lowered quickly and quietly to filter harsh sunlight, eliminate glares, offer some temperature control, protect your seating area and electronics from the elements, and keep out the bugs. With Somfy powering the motorization, we can connect the control to just about any smart system so that you can conveniently operate the motorized shades through an app, with your voice, on a wall switch, or with the Somfy remote control. And you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic with extensive fabric and mounting options as well.

Reach out to MediaHead to schedule a free consultation and walkthrough of your backyard and we’ll help you design the backyard of your dreams!

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