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Traditional Wireless Router v. Upgraded Home Network Solution

Traditional wireless routers that come from your wireless internet provider have a limited reach and functionality compared to a customized home network solution. With mesh wireless products like eero Pro 6 for your home or Access Networks wireless solutions for businesses, Wi-Fi 6 access points will enable a faster, efficient and reliable network.

These upgraded technologies also allow us to provide fast backend support with remote access capabilities. If you have a system outage, we can pinpoint if it is the modem, provider, or device on the network causing the issues. We can provide you better service with the visibility as well as keep your firmware and protection up to date.

So, why do we encourage a customized network solution?

  • Traditional single-point routers that come with your service provider have a limited Wi-Fi signal reach.
  • Today's mesh wireless systems and access points extend your Wi-Fi router reach under one single network.

What do you get?

  • Uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal
  • No dead zones
  • User-friendly set up and maintenance
  • Easier diagnostics when there are network interruptions
  • Wi-Fi in every room or the house, backyard and garage

For more details, watch Ben and Steve walk you through our network solutions at the MediaHead headquarters:

NEW PRODUCT - Episode Radiance

Now that you have uninterrupted patio fun with your new wireless network solution, you may be partying into the night… How nice would it be for your yard to be well lit and also provide beautiful sound from the same fixture?

Snap One’s Episode Radiance is the first all-in-one outdoor sound and lighting system with audio and lighting on one 2-Conductor wire and the flexibility to mix and match the components (speakers, lighting modules, and mounts).

Additional features include:

  • IP66 Certified and UV protected
  • Extensive mounting options (stake, surface wall, or pendant)
  • 360 degree sound dispersion
  • Adjustable tap switch
  • Flexible lighting choices (up spotlight, down ring light, or both)
  • Waterproof enclosure
Contact us for a free quote.

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